Fenwick – Final Logo

After much deliberation I have concluded this as my final logo design.

Screen shot 2013-08-20 at 23.57.21This design really shows my passion for a good concept behind any design. I feel it portrays the brand values very well and has an iconic appearance.  It is up to date and has a simple but contemporary feel to the design.

The logo explained –

Fenwick has a silent ‘W’ within its name and is often pronounced wrong. So I have opted to play with this idea a created a silent ‘W’ with two ‘F’s.

The two ‘F’s also create a diamond shape with emphasises the quality and importance the brand owns.

The colour is a rich heritage green which is an improvement from the previous garish green. I feel it looks more classy and contemporary.

The copy just says it all about the brand and the values. Its straight to the point and has a striking effect while making their heritage stand out about the unique brand.



Fenwick – Safe Vs Creative?!?

I am having a thought on two logo designs. I like both for different reasons, on is creative and has a strong concept but could also be too daring and the other is perhaps too safe and doesn’t scream out my skills.

Screen shot 2013-08-20 at 23.57.21




Screen shot 2013-08-15 at 11.38.07

Fenwick – Logo generation

After choosing the best logo ideas I have now moved onto developing them further. There are a select few logo ideas that I have begun to work up. The problem I am having is whether to play it safe or be creative and daring.

Fenwick – Logo sketches

I have started sketching out ideas based on my research of Fenwick. At the moment I am playing with type to see what strong designs I can come up with.

Fenwick – Department store research

For further research I have been looking into other famous department stores such as John Lewis, Selfridges, Le Bon Marche and Harrods. I have been mainly concentrating on their branding and who their store appeals to.

Fenwick – Ideas & Values

Here I have been writing down main points about the company and some ideas. I have also started to explore the word ‘luxury’ to expand ideas for some copy.20130820-231754.jpg20130820-232437.jpg

For a successful rebrand it is also helpful to have first hand contact with the company as you can get in deep with information about what is important to them as a brand. However I haven’t had this luxury and I have gone off what I have researched on the internet.

The brand values I have finalised for Fenwick are:

Exclusive, Luxury, Upmarket, Quality, Affordable and Heritage.