Reflective Summary

My Contemporary Graphic Design module was a part of my Major Practical Project so this evaluation will reflect both as a whole project.

Firstly I have learnt a lot form this assignment as well as expanding my current knowledge. I discovered there was a lot more to ‘branding’ and their guidelines then I could of imagined. This has certainty opened up a new path for me as I have the knowledge to go into a branding career. Leaflet design was another new experienced for me as although it sounds easy it does take skill and a lot of thought how it functions and works. Adverting campaigns was a skill that I was already familiar with but with this assignment I could broaden my knowledge about what I am most passionate about, communicating a message in a creative manor.

Throughout this project I have faced many problems including working with a client. Sadly it didn’t work out and communication broke down between us however I have learnt a lot from this experience and feel this experience has benefited me a lot in many ways.

Despite my set backs I still carried on the project with a passion to create something visually exciting and creative. I did a lot of experimentation throughout the project but especially with the branding. I used paint and created paper cut outs to try and achieve different effects. As the project went on I decided to step away from this a started to create the branding based around the building the charity was housed in which was a beautiful church.

I was lucky to be able to print my whole project at a printers shop when it was closed so I had access to everything. I learnt a lot from the printing processes and what could be printed double sided and what printers couldn’t handle certain paper. This didn’t hold me back but instead I had to change my design to suit the printing methods. This will help me in future to find out what the printers can achieve for me before I complete my design.

Overall I am very pleased with the outcome I have produced and I feel it would be an excellent piece in my portfolio. I have learnt and gained a lot form this experience and hopefully it will help me within my future career and achieve my goals as a creative designer.



These are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for my Contemporary Graphic Design Project.

Strengths –

  • I have created something visually exciting and creative while incorporating the brand guidelines.
  • I have learnt about the print production which includes saving to print, paper print sizes and how the printing would work for my designs.
  • This project has increased my knowledge in advertising campaigns and leaflets to print.
  • I feel my experimentation with the designs has been strong and has helped me develop my final to a high standard.

Weaknesses –

  • I could have been more organized at times.
  • My leaflet design could potentially confuse the elderly generation.

Opportunities –

  • I have created a good portfolio piece that I am proud to show to future employers.
  • I will start applying for jobs in the advertising industry now I have gained the knowledge by creating my own advertising campaign, leaflet and brand guidelines.

Threats –

  • There are many good charity leaflets and this could overshadow mine.
  • If this was to be used for the charity they will have to consider the printing costs.

Leaflet / Timetable / Poster – Printed

Printing the final design was hard work as I kept having to reprint on different paper and at different sizes to get the folds of the design to work properly. So many adjustments had to take place. Over all I am very pleased with the outcome and have gained a lot of knowledge from this experience.

Advertising Poster Campaign – Final Designs

These are my final designs for my charity advertising campaign. I wanted them to be colourful, cheerful and stand out for positive reasons while promoting activities the charity has to offer.

Advertising campaign development

This is the first digital development of my advertising campaign . I decided to go with the typography idea however I need to develop these further.

Advertising campaign ideas

I want to create a set of three posters that all relate to each other. I want to advertise the services and the new look of the charity in a fun and positive way.


I want to experiment with typography as I feel this could be an effective medium to use as it communicates very a message effectively when done well. I will obviously use the brand  colours of the charity to contain the corporate identity and I will also use the logo.