Final hand in design – Dr.Sun pulling you out of depression

I am pleased to say that this is my final design finished. Overall I am very pleased with the outcome, however there are perhaps some areas that I could change to improve my work as a graphic designer. But I will practice these ideas and improvements to my next assignment.

My work is about how the natural sun can pull you out of depression (S.A.D) and help improve your mood and positive thoughts. The process of this design is depression, Dr.Sun then cure, and these are represented through cloud, sun and rays.

I decided to stay with my original design but change the big words into a zig zag pattern. I felt the other changes would of taken me too long to perfect and I only had a limited amount of time to do it in.


Trial and error

After my one to one tutorial with my tutor she suggested I tried some ideas to see if they improve my design.

One idea was to change the doctor sun into the paper cut out with the texture underneath it. I liked the idea but for me it didn’t give the same effect and felt empty.

Here I took out the sun rays and made the big words in between into a zig zag pattern. I felt without the sun rays it was really empty and so did my student friends, however we all really liked the zig zag type so I decided to keep that idea.

Type design development – layout

I have now considered where the sun sits in my design to create the best understanding. I thought it would better if the sun was in the centre at the top as it creates a better flow and story line. The cloud is depression, the sun is the doctor and the rays is the cure. I also really don’t like the use of computer type so I am now considering what to use instead of that.