Final Designs and Evaluation

These are my final DIM designs.




Overall I am really happy with my work, I feel my concept is strong and a current issue and I hope my work reflects this. After a class crit I have changed my Margate image and I feel that it has improved it and I also decided against the type. I wanted both images to show a wide landscape of the beach because then people can instantly recognise these places. There are many things I have learnt from doing this assignment and my confidence in using PhotoShop is growing. On reflection on what I knew about PhotoShop at the beginning of year 2 I have learnt so much and look forward to developing my skills.


Making a Rizzla umbrella and playing with type

I have made a rizzla umbrella to add into my Margate design to play on the drug abuse in Margete. I have also added wish you were here? in a cloud type. I am not sure whether to keep the type but more experimentation will make that clear for me.

Removing the sand

Here I have removed the sand from the original photograph and added in clean and beautiful sand, which makes the overall feel to the image more like paradise. I have also added more colour in the sun set and added the caption ‘wish you were here?’. The caption contradicts it’s self as the image is portraying a wonderful and happy place but the caption is the reality.

Margate & Broadstairs – idea generation

Margate: This is my image so far of Margate, I have removed the sky and added this sunset and made my own drug needle palm trees. I have also added a wave of the sea coming in at the bottom. I found this quite hard to do because of the photographs sand, so to improve this image I want to change the sand to make it more clean and desirable. I also want to emphasise the sunset and make it more colourful.

Broadstairs: This is my image of Broadstairs so far. I am quite pleased with it however it certainly needs more tweeking. The image doesn’t pop like it should do so to change this I am going to play around with lighting and textures and maybe levels to see what I can achieve.