Over the last month or so Amy and I had picked and broken down this brief to get our final outcome. I am really pleased with what we have achieved as the brief wasn’t clear of what was actually needed. We took the brief and took it in a different direction and not the obvious one. We wanted to create a concept that gained recognition to 17 as an on going thing rather than a one off campaign. We took something that already worked for Boots and pushed it further to make it more available to another audience.

Tom encouraged us to use and expand our idea for the enhance card saying it could be a strong idea if we did it well. Amy and I worked really hard on this concept and pushed it as much as we could considering the time we had to do it with other assignments and a part time job at the weekends.

To improve we could of expanded and developed our concept (enhance card) I wouldn’t go on to improve the posters etc as I feel this brief was more about the concept and that needed to be strong before anything else.